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Pregnant belly

Why Antenatal Classes?

Feel confident
Be informed to make the right choices for you
Feel prepared for labour 
Plan for birth 
Make friends 

What's included in this course?

•    Five evening group sessions, in a fun, interactive and relaxing environment.
•    A summary of the content we covered during each session will be emailed to you that night as well as suggestions for further reading. For some sessions we will also share pre-session course work to prepare for the following week’s class. 
•    WhatsApp/Telegram chat group where you can socialise with other members of your group and support each other throughout this experience.
•    Small group sessions! By limiting the amount of people in the class, we are able to tailor classes better to suit the group and participants tend to find a more intimate experience beneficial.
•    Support from your course teacher who is available to provide information and advice, whenever you need.
•    A pub night – organised by teacher - a chance for the group participants to meet without the teacher.
•    From bumps to babies. Postnatal meet up which is a chance where we can all meet the new additions

Image by 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič

September Course

For babies due between late October and November 2023

Starts September 6th 2023.

Rose Hill Community Centre, Carole’s Way, Oxford OX4 4HF

  • Can my (birth) partner come?
    Yes! The classes are designed for both of you and really helpful for (birth) partners. We don’t get you to do anything embarrassing so you can tell them to relax!
  • Is the cost for one or two people?
    The cost is for two of you (one pregnant woman and one non pregnant birth partner).
  • At what point in my pregnancy can I attend the classes?
    You can join the classes anytime from 27 weeks pregnant.
  • I’m having a planned Caesarean section. Are the classes relevant for me?
    Yes! During the classes you will learn what to expect when you’re booked in for a caesarean, including the aftercare. The feeding and preparing for early parenting sessions are equally relevant. You will find that attending antenatal classes are a great way to meet others at a similar life stage.
  • Will you cover both breast and bottle feeding?
    Yes! During the class, we offer non-biased information enabling you to make an informed decision and support you in your choices.
  • I’m a single mum, can I come on my own/can I bring a friend?
    Yes! Our antenatal classes are a fantastic platform to gain support from one another regardless of circumstances.
  • Can my friend/mum join me on the classes?
    The booking is for you (pregnant person) and one non pregnant (birth) partner; you choose who attends the sessions with you.
  • I’m shy/introverted – will I be expected to talk or put on the spot?
    No, you can join in discussion as much or little as you like, or not at all.
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